The second wave of COVID-19 in India has made a huge impact on the healthcare infrastructure in response, several countries have committed to supply raw materials required for oxygen, vaccines, ventilators, concentrators, personal protective equipment kits etc.

A set of videos and images showing myogenic oxygen containers featuring a logo of Reliance Foundation(RF) stuck over what appears to be a part of a flag of Saudi Arabia have gone viral with the claim that the company is taking credit for the oxygen supplied by the Saudi Arabian government

The images and video focus on a part of the Saudi Arabian flag being visible behind the stickers of Reliance Foundation.


As you all read the news which is going viral about reliance company over their oxygen cylinder productions. During this severe pandemic covid-19 some people are spreading such news to demoralise the self esteem of people fighting with it through this kind of fake news without any research .

The focus point of the news is the flag over the tankers and the logo of reliance on it . But the fact is that the reliance is producing the thousands of tons oxygen cylinder . But to carry them the tankers are not available . That’s why reliance approach its associates all over the world to purchase new tankers from Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Thailand and Germany .

In its press release, Reliance Foundation(RF) thanked Saudi Arabian petrochemical company Aramco, British Petroleum, and the Indian Air Force for their help in sourcing and transporting the cryogenic containers.

These tankers must have the names who own it and that’s the reason behind Saudi Arabia’s flag in it . But now reliance owns these tankers and they have to put them into service immediately they just put their logo on it stated by reliance spokesman. The spokesman of reliance stated that the tankers were empty when they were airlifted and filled with oxygen at jamnagar and supply it all over the country.

The Saudi Arabian government has sent 80 metric tonnes of liquid oxygen to India in partnership with Adani Industries and the shipping company Linde.

IFN had earlier debunked a similar claim.


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