FACT CHECK: CT Scan reports representing the lungs of a COVID-19 vaccinated person and others

The country’s already overburdened healthcare infrastructure has been brought to knees with a deadly second wave of Confections. in the backdrop of this, a video is being shared on social media claiming that the scene is a corona trace among people taking the vaccine and who does not CT scan report that shows the lungs of a person who is vaccinated and a normal COVID-19 positive patient who does not take the vaccine. The video to the left with a clear lung is claimed to be a CT scan report of a vaccinated person By sharing this video, this post advises people to get vaccinated as soon as possible


On a reverse image search of the photo shared in the post, a similar photo comparison of the two CT scan reports was found in an article published on Richmond news (RN) in April 2020. In April 2020, vaccination for the COVID-19 virus was not available According to the article, this CT scan comparative image is related to a research study aimed at detecting the extent of COVID-19 infection through scans Researchers and radiologists from Vancouver General Hospital University of British Columbia, and the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute conducted this research study to predict the COVID-19 virus using CT scans.

When we searched for more details of this research on The University of British Columbia website, a similar CT scan report published a comparative image in a research study on the detection of COVID-19 virus using CT scans

The Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute also published the same image on its website, explaining its research study about COVID-19-diagnosis through its scan.

Although the post is being shared with the intention of encouraging people to vaccinate for COVID-19, which is the need of the hour, the video does not represent the lungs of a person vaccinated with COVID-19. There is also a chance that COVID-19 infected individuals may feel anxious seeing these videos. The claim was earlier fact-checked by Factly

To sum it up, these CT scan reports are related to a research study related to the detection of COVID-19 virus using CT scan, not related to vaccination.


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