FACT CHECK: Oxygen sent from Saudi Arabia is being in the name of Reliance

The second wave of COVID-19 in India has made a huge impact on the healthcare infrastructure in response, several countries have committed to supply raw materials required for oxygen, vaccines, ventilators, concentrators, personal protective equipment kits etc. On April 26, PTI reported that Saudi Arabia is shipping 80 metric tones of liquid oxygen in India in cooperation with the Adani group and antish multinational Linde.


A press release dated 1 May 2021 on the Reliance Industries website detailed how the company is accelerating its capacity and production and supplying medical grade liquid oxygen from its refinery-cum petrochemical complex in Jamnagar For and other facilities in the rest of the country.

The statement also noted that Reliance had added 24 containers from Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Thailand to India to a 500MT (metric ton) transport capacity for liquid oxygen These containers will help transport oxygen from Reliance facilities

The company thanked Saudi Arabian oil giants Aramco, BP and the Indian Air Force in sourcing and transporting these containers. It also said that more containers will be air freight in the next few days.

A Reliance Industries spokesperson declined to comment on the video and informed “RIL has conducted airlifting of 24 ISO containers from Saudi Arabia, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Thailand, with 500 metric tones of new transport capacity for liquid oxygen Last week, they were delivered to the Jamnagar Refinery via Ahmedabad or Jamnagar Airport in the viral video, a sticker is being placed on one of those containers at the airport before the container is sent to the oxygen plant in Jamnagar he said.

The spokesperson shared some images from the airport and oxygen plant where the same stickers are visible

The Embassy of India, Riyadh, tweeted about the same on 24 April

To conclude, a video clip of oxygen containers held by RIL and Reliance Foundation falsely claimed that Reliance is taking credit for the supply of oxygen supplied by Saudi Arabia.



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