Fact Check:-Sight at the Arctic between Russia and Canada.

Lunar Eclipse May 2021: A solar eclipse occurs when the moon gets between Earth and the sun, and the moon casts a shadow over Earth, whereas, a lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan occurs when Earth comes in between Moon and Sun. When the Sun, Earth, and the Moon are not fully aligned, thus the Earth obstructs some of the Sun’s light from reaching the Moon. It can cause a slight darkening of the moon. This year the moon will be closest to Earth, so there is going to be a super moon, red moon, and a total lunar eclipse. According to NASA, the Blood Moon occurs during a total lunar eclipse when the Earth aligns itself between the moon and the sun.

A set of videos showing on twitter that this is a sight at Artic between Russia and Canada. The moon appears this big and then it  disappears in about 30 seconds.

One more user claimed that this video is made up of without using any VFX or special effects. That user’s video has been retweeted  by 122 times and this video is becoming quite viral on social media.


We found that the viral video is made up of excellent editing, and animation whose links we also find on YouTube channel yeti dynamics. Yeti Dynamics has uploaded several videos in which different planets can be seen near the Earth.

When the Moon eclipses the Sun, the camera exposure is adjusted so that you can see the Light of the earth reflecting back upon the moon. This was actually done by using a stand in Earth model to get reasonably accurate Earth “shine”, it is Blue on the left side because the moon is flying over the Gulf of Mexico, and is white/tan on the right side because that part is over the United States . it is Dark in the middle because it is casting a huge shadow, and that shadow does not reflect light back on the Moon. I didn’t quite expect it to look like this, it was a nice surprise. 

The Moon is tidally locked in this animation, even thou it doesn’t seem like it. The reason for this is that we are Not viewing it from the center of the earth, but rather it’s surface

The Moon is not in anyway Transparent, when it sets you’re simply seeing the sky in front of it, and earth shine reflected onto it, remember it’s in Space, it isn’t in the air

We found another such video in which we have shown different types of planets.

There is another video and title are “what would it Look like with all the planets between the earth and the moon?”

Also when the video got viral many twitter users also claimed that this video is fake and made up of many animation and effects but there is also some user who believed in this video.


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