FACT CHECK:-Photo of 19-year-old married in Bihar shared with false child marriage claim

In Nawada district of Bihar, the picture of a girl in a wedding attire is going viral on social media, claiming that an 8-year-old girl was married to a 28-year-old boy Self-proclaimed social worker and BJP supporter Ashok Pandit tweeted the picture getting viral.

In tweet of Sunchika Pandey she quoted in reports, the girl is 8 years old and the boy is 28 years old. The parents of the 8-year-old girl reportedly did so because of poverty. But what is the intention or helplessness of a 28-year-old parent? Unfortunate in many ways, even a crime in every way! ” Zee Hindustan journalist Tushar Srivastava also shared this picture.

Rajya Sabha MP from Maharashtra and Shiv Sena leader  Priyanka Chaturvedi retweeted Tusshar Srivastava’s tweet and wrote “Will Nitish Kumar take appropriate action? I request Rekha Sharma and Misa Bharti to intervene in the case so that the girl can be helped. It is heartwarming. Navbharat Times Journalist Narendra Nath Mishra also tweeted this picture and wrote that child marriage caused by poverty in Nawada, Bihar brings out the black truth of the society.

Fact Check

To gather information related to this case, According to SP Dhurat Sayali Savlaram of Nawada, this matter is of Jamui. He told that the Jamui Police is engaged in investigating it and further information will be obtained from there.

Nawada DM Yashpal Meena gave information related to the case through video. He said that he sent a high-level team to the Manjore Panchayat of Warisleiganj for investigation, where the villagers told that the girl’s Nani’s house falls in Sikandra police station area in Jamui district and the girl stays at her grandmother’s house and grew up there. In this case, information was also given to Jamui Police Administration.

In another instance, Santhosh Singh, editor of Kashish News, shared a video of the girl and her husband, in which the girl talked about getting married with the consent of both the families. Also, state your date of birth 01-01-2002.

Nawada administration issued a press release, denying the information being spread with the viral picture and verifying the birth date present in the Aadhaar card, and termed the girl as an adult.

In another instance, we found that Meena Kotwal, founder of The Mooknayak, also contacted Tanu and her husband Shashikant and cleared the case.

In this fact check, we found that the information circulating on social media is fake, the age of the girl is not 8 years but 19 years i.e. the girl is an adult and is legally eligible for marriage. There is no case of any kind of child marriage here.


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