Old video from Gujarat falsely shared of Muslim mob thrashing police in Telangana

A video of a crowd chasing and hitting two policemen with lathis has been conveyed with a statement in Telugu that alleges a Muslim mob ambushed police in Hafeezpet in Kondapur, Hyderabad. A user named ‘Ranjith’ who recognizes as a BJP worker dealt with the video as well.




It was also shared on the Facebook page Mission Modi and a Hindutva Facebook group for Telugu speakers shared a post by one Bhanu Prakash


Old video from Gujarat, The people in the video can be heard talking in Gujarati. Taking this as evidence, we looked for documents with particular keywords and found that the scuffle took place in Sola, Ahmedabad. News18 Gujarati had reported the event on October 21, 2020.

It said that constable Sunil Singh was drunk and got into a confrontation with locals from the Chandlodia area.

News18 said that the police imprisoned six persons identified from the video – Mayur Rameshbhai Rawal, Sagar Chunilal Patel, Dipenkumar Mahendrabhai Maru, Hardik Harshadbhai Thakkar, Kalpesh Chandubhai Rawal – while a search for others was ongoing.

TV9 Gujarati and Zee News Kalak had also recorded on the video.

A year-old video from Gujarat was therefore dealt with the false claim that a Muslim mob beat up cops in Telangana.


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