The hottest topic in trend – Recent Coal Outrage! Will citizens face an electricity cut? Terrified even with this idea, Right? Many states have issued advisories regarding the possibility of blackouts as a result of the country’s chronic coal scarcity!

Actual worth of Coal in India

India has the world’s fourth-largest coal reserves and relies largely on thermal power plants to meet its energy needs. Furthermore, the country is the world’s second-largest coal importer and imports fuel from a variety of countries. India’s coal resources are on the verge of running out. According to the sources, power facilities in India only have coal stocks for the next four days on average. Due to the coal shortage, half of the country’s power facilities are on high alert for disruptions. Coal is used to create over 55 percent of India’s electricity.

How different states coping with this problem?

Experts say that a sharp increase in demand for electricity from manufacturing and other sectors, low supply from coal reserves as a result of heavy rains in Gujarat, Punjab, Rajasthan, Delhi, and Tamil Nadu, increased power demand as a result of a faster-than-expected economic recovery, and a 40% reduction in coal imports are all contributing to India’s power cut. Furthermore, the increase in coal import costs from $60/ton in March 2021 to $160/ton in September and October 2021 exacerbated the problem.

Concerns have been expressed about a potential energy crisis due to reports of a coal shortage in the country, but the government has once again ensured that there is enough coal in the country to meet the demand for power generation. The government also said concerns about blackouts were completely unfounded. States ranging from Rajasthan to Kerala have been forced to implement rotational electricity cuts.

On Tuesday, a 39-hour blackout continued in Punjab for the fourth day in a row, as Haryana said he had sufficient supplies to run his power plant. In Andhra Pradesh, orders to implement an electricity cut beginning on Saturday, October 19, sparked a rush to buy inverters, with traders raising their prices. The Load shedding has already begun in the districts of Kurnool and Dasara in Andhra Pradesh. Kerala has decided to postpone deciding until after October 19, although the state is experiencing a daily power shortage of 100 MW. CIL’s supply of coal to the energy sector is currently over 14 lakh tons per day and, with the rains, this supply has increased to 15 lakh tons per day. By the end of October 2021, according to the respective authorities.

Final Relief for the citizens

Hence one need not worry a lot regarding Coal Outrage as the Indian Government is sufficient in handling such issues. Your daily supplies, work from home, online classes, etc. will stay undisrupted. The fear each one of us was troubling with like – How will I manage my work from home? How will I be able to earn? How will my family live? How will my children study? Almost everything is based upon electricity. Therefore it has become an essential part of society. Now each one must be relieved as you can continue with your daily tasks.

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