The T20 Cricket World Cup that transpired last Sunday has been seen as a boost of hatred towards the Indian pacer, Mohammad Shami, the only Indian Muslim Cricketer in the entire team, since the ‘men in blue’ suffered a loss to Pakistan.

The haters took to their Instagram and Twitter handles to spit backlash on Shami only tohold him accountable for the gross performance of the entire team included.

Shami was asked to flee to Pakistan and was called fiendish names such as traitor, aimed at his loyalty. Not only ruthless, but also farcical accusations that grasp no grounds of existence. 

Neither the Indian Cricket Team nor the BCCI has taken the substance of the charge of situation to act accordingly. They preferred to stay on a silent scale rather than flumping before their screens and denouncing the false accusations against their teammate Shami.

Where All the Chaos Strikes?

It is evident of the circumstance that Shami was not only targeted for his infirm performance in the last match but also because Shami is a Muslim.

These communal grounds of the society speak quite with ample of chagrin about what it is and what are its ethical values for the ‘secular nation’. The online abusive attack on Shami proffers to present the malicious mindset and biased principles that the communists proudly brag about.

Not only this, but the society has always been rooted out at boundaries as a means to tune mess on the subjects of caste and community often times before.

Our nation established a secular base for everyone to live with freedom and liberty for each of the respective casts, creed, gender, and most prominently faith. It originated and has yet persist its values of inter-community harmony.

Meanwhile, Shami had a clear call to be offended in the entire respect but chose to stay quiet of despair, former Indian cricketer, Virendra Sehwag, took to his social handle to express his attitude of the current lash faced by Shami. Sehwag wrote;

Also, pakistan player Mohammad Rizwan, implementing support for Shami and apologizing on behalf of thefuming communist abusewrote on his Twitter:

What’s to conclude of all?

Needless to say, the trolling procedure whether in any respect has always crept up to be exclusively offensive and as a mental exploitation to an individual.

Same was in case of Shami, who shoulders the banner of his clean faith one side and the banner of his nation on the other. The two can’t and shan’t be compared. 

Such abuses are required to be looked upon and rather more valiantly confuted in the best manner.

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