Editorial Team

Our team, which has worked voluntarily for the most part since its inception, consists of engineers, social workers and journalists. Therefore, we have the ability to cover various news related to legal issues, politics, caste-based and religious discrimination, gender rights, labor and peasant conflicts as well as health and drug misinformation.


Nividita Presently working at Indiafakenews, she also previously worked at Sakal Newspaper. Has radio jockey experience from MGM radio 90.8 gained knowledge in the field. Has participated in college fests followed by debates. Nividita contributes herself in Social Working and the willingness to provide social awareness for different cause.she shows areas of interests in writing blogs reading and exploring new places capturing them. Video Photoshop editing has been added to the hobby. Aspires to be a Journalist and looking forward for new skills and opportunities.

Divita singh

An emerging journalist. Working in NGO named Prayas crops for the betterment of children from back ward currently working as a freelance content writer for Prakhar Navneet magazine. Having good counseling power and strong supervision which helps many needy people.