The photo of the book titled “How to convert India into Christian nation” behind Sonia Gandhi

An image of Sonia Gandhi has been shared on social media and it allegedly shows that the bookshelf behind her has the ‘Holy Bible’, and a book titled ‘How to Convert India into the Christian Nation Twitter user @noconversion  first…

Fake images of Mohalla clinic is viral on social media

Cricketer and politician Gautam Gambhir, along with numerous other BJP leaders disseminated a few pictures of a grimy MOHALLA CLINIC and wrote, “Is Harvard or Stanford researching this Mohalla clinic? #FailedMohallaClinic.” क्या हार्वर्ड और स्टैनफोर्ड वाले इसी मोहल्ला क्लिनिक पर…

New York Times used a crocodile photo on its front page ridiculing Narendra Modi for crying.

An image supposedly of The New York Times international edition published on May 21 is going viral on Twitter. In the screengrab of the newspaper, a photo of a crocodile has been used while the headline says ‘India’s PM cried’….