About us

India Fake News is dedicated to helping people understand the world through on-the-ground, expert, and deeply reported independent journalism.

Fake news websites are online sources that publish false, misleading, or fabricated information disguised as real news. These websites often have the intention of spreading propaganda, causing harm, or manipulating public opinion. It’s important to critically evaluate the information found on the internet and to verify the source and accuracy of information before sharing it. Reliable sources of information include reputable news organizations, government websites, and fact-checking websites.

Mission and Values

It’s unlikely that fake news websites have clearly defined missions and values, as they are often created with the intent of spreading false information and manipulating public opinion. The creators of these websites may prioritize profit, political influence, or personal agendas over ethics and accuracy. In general, fake news websites do not value truth, transparency, or journalistic integrity, and their content should not be trusted without independent verification. The spread of false information can have serious consequences for individuals, communities, and society as a whole, so it is important to be vigilant in identifying and combating fake news.

Here are some general guidelines that our team follows to maintain accuracy and credibility in our reporting:

  1. Verify sources and information before publishing or airing a story.
  2. Use multiple sources to corroborate information.
  3. Fact-check information and avoid relying on speculation or rumors.
  4. Present a balanced and impartial perspective in reporting.
  5. Avoid sensationalizing or dramatizing events.
  6. Ensure that all sources are accurately quoted and attributed.
  7. Respect privacy and ethical considerations, such as avoiding publication of identifying information of victims or minors.
  8. Continuously monitor and update stories as new information becomes available.
  9. Maintain objectivity and impartiality in reporting, avoiding personal biases and opinions.
  10. Correct any inaccuracies or mistakes promptly and transparently.

Adhering to these guidelines helps to maintain the credibility and trust of a news channel and its audience, and helps to ensure that the information being presented is accurate and reliable.