Editorial Guidelines.

IFN is committed to conducting fact-checking in a unbiased, open, and fair manner. The following principles, to which we aspire to high editorial standards:

IFN takes a nonpartisan stance; it has no political affiliations. We adhere to the same standards for all claims regardless of who made them and believe in fact-checking news from all political corners. Without fear or favor, we expose fake news.

Evidence-based: To a fact-checker, the truth is inviolable. As a result, we strive for accuracy in our fact-checking and use a variety of sources to make sure that our findings are supported by solid data. Depending on the type of fact-checking needed, we employ online resources like reverse image search or source data from reputable sources. When necessary, we also get in touch with the appropriate person to confirm a claim. We never cite unnamed sources.

Transparency: IFN details the methods used to refute the claim. In addition to serving an educational function and promoting transparency, this action instructs readers on how to assess claims they may encounter in the future.