Recently congress leader Rahul Gandhi visited the violence ridden state of Manipur.During his visit he visted relief camp in Churachandrapur and Imphal. In the backdrop of this a tweet was getting viral on social media with the account name and profile photo of PTI(Press Trust of India) that the kuki millitants are surrendering after metting Rahul Gandhi and following path of Mahatma Gandhi to make the user believe that it is real. The tweet stated that “After meeting with Rahul Gandhi, kuki militants surrendered. One of the militants says wants to give up violence and follow the path of Gandhi from now onwards.”


 we did a google reverse image search of the photo  which led us to a story by EastMojo published on July 26, 2022. The story carried the same photo from our viral claim and was titled ‘Manipur: Kuki insurgents using another outfit’s name for extortion arrested. This incident was not connected to the rahul gandhi visit.

Two militants connected to the Kuki National Army-India (KNA-I) have recently been detained on suspicion of intimidating and blackmailing non-Manipuri businesspeople. The episode reveals the evil strategies used by the suspects, who turned to making up affiliations with the National Revolutionary Front, Manipur (NRFM) in order to terrorise and force their victims. The arrests mark a significant advance in campaigns to stop such criminal activity and enforce the law.

Upon careful scrutiny, we conducted a thorough examination of the imposter PTI account and discovered that it operated under the handle name @AWhiteTigerINC, in stark contrast to the genuine PTI account which bears the handle @PTI_News. Notably, the bio of the counterfeit PTI account explicitly stated its nature as a ‘parody’. This revelation sheds light on the deceptive intent behind the imposter account, posing a potential source of misinformation or confusion within the online realm.

From the above reserch and analyisis we concluded that the account used was a parody account and the real account of PTI is diffrent and the news was fake.