According to the reports, the investigation into the incident has so far resulted in the arrest of three suspects, one of whom is a minor. A Japanese woman as well as a woman from delhi who was the subject of a disturbing video in which she is shown being groped by a group of males against her will in New Delhi, India, has spoken out after the terrifying experience. The video was shot in New Delhi. These are street guys. They have street wits.

It was reported that the incident took place during the Holi celebrations that took place a week ago in the neighbourhood of Paharganj, which is a popular destination for tourists.


As can be seen in the video that has gone viral, multiple males surrounded and touched the victim, smeared coloured material on her face, cracked an egg on her head, and repeatedly shoved her among themselves. The terrifying episode comes to a close with one of the perpetrators making one final attempt to touch the victim, but the victim smacks the perpetrator and then flees the scene.

Holi, a Hindu spring festival, honours the undying love of Krishna and Radha and welcomes the new season. Street parties with water cannon and coloured powder fights, as well as a customary bonfire, are all part of the festival.